Who goes and gets a tattoo just because they dreamt they had it??

I do, of course.

Last December, I went a got a second tattoo. I had this dream earlier this year that I was at a tattoo parlour, looking back over my shoulder into a large mirror, admiring a new tattoo. It was of a golden spiral:


In the dream, I was so happy. It looked great. So when I woke up without it, I was a bit disappointed.

So what did I do? I went and had it tattooed on for real.

Veronique at The Scarlet Ink did such an amazing job. Her ability to make perfect lines was amazing. I had been hesitant to get the tattoo until I saw her portfolio through my brother-in-law. I was blown away by her skill.

It was surreal standing in front of the big mirror in her studio, looking over my shoulder just as I had done in the dream. A supreme sense of deja vu.


Yesterday, I had the touch ups done and I’m so excited. It’s perfect.

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