Travelling without Travelling

Mid-winter is the time when I get the most itchy to travel. It’s cold out, I feel confined by being inside all the time and I can’t remember the last time I was able to stand & enjoy the sun on my face.

While travel is on the books for this year, it’s a little ways off. There are a couple of trips to Toronto coming up for business, followed by returning to dig at ‘Umayri again, but nothing new. Nothing that’s pure exploration.

And that’s when I start to miss World of Warcraft.

I started playing WoW several years ago, at the urging of my brother. I loved it and quickly became absorbed by it. There was always a map to explore, a dungeon to conquer, a new quest to follow. It was easy to immerse myself in the game, with some well-crafted graphics and a really good soundtrack, I felt like I was there sometimes.

There were times when I didn’t go on to grind for materials or complete quests or join a party to complete my daily dungeons. Sometimes, I would go just to travel.


I’d hop on my dragon and follow the lines on the map, find a safe place, and just sit and watch the water lapping against the shores of Northrend. Or, there was that time I decided to swim all the way around Kalimdor. Other times, I’d just mount one of my horses and go riding through the forests of Teldrassil.

In terms of travel, playing World of Warcraft to satisfy the wanderlust is extremely cheap. At $15 a month, you really can’t get a bigger bargain on travel.

There’s one big problem though…

It isn’t real!

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