Travelling Light (FINALLY)

Being a photographer has one huge con when it comes to travel: it’s nearly impossible to travel light.

Usually when I travel, I’m on a mission. It may be that I’ve been hired to be a dig photographer, or I’m freelancing, or I’m taking photos to sell to fund my subsequent travels. All of these things require that I take a huge chunk of my gear. Camera bodies, extra lenses, various cables, flashes, and miscellany – it all adds up to what I lovingly term a, “buttload.”

This month, I’m going to be headed to Toronto for a couple of days at the request of Etsy Canada. This is going to be a pretty interesting trip, but since it’s a conference, I really don’t need to bring much beyond enough clothes for a couple of days, a pen, some paper, and my brain.

This means that for once, FOR ONCE, I’m getting to travel light.

It means carry-on only. It means not having to lug around a huge bag. It means I’ll likely just fill my wee duffle bag and a purse and just go with it. Can you imagine?

I normally write up a list of things I’m bringing with me before I travel. I love lists and packing, so a packing list? Oh, that’s heaven. And this one, it’s so tiny! It feels so refereshing and relaxing. I’m looking forward to just arriving at the airport, checking in (without having to drop a thing off), and then when I get to my destination, just waltzing off the plane on my way.

When I leave for Jordan though, that’s going to be an entirely different story. Pack all the gear?

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