The Ever-Growing Life List

All adventures start somewhere. I keep coming across things that I’d really like to experience at some point, so they keep getting added to the following list.

These items are in no particular order. Some are really basic. Some are complicated. Some may not be possible. And some may make sense only to me. Either way, here goes nothing!

001. Visit every country in the world.

002. Become an archaeologist (Completed November 2007) and dig (Completed July 2005).

003. Climb an Egyptian pyramid.

004. Climb a Mesoamerican pyramid. (Completed January 2008)

005. Skydive.

006. Go on a hot-air balloon ride. (Completed August 2010)

007. Drive on the other side of the road.

008. See the Nazca Lines. (Completed December 2008)

009. Ride an elephant. I know it’s probably not one of those animal friendly things in most cases, but if I can find an animal friendly one, I’m totally doing it.

010. Learn to hang-glide.

011. Learn to play the cello. At least a little bit.

012. Walk on hot coals.

013. Complete a whole journal book. (Completed June 2007)

014. Hear the whales from underwater. No idea if this one is even possible for human ears. Is it? Anyone?

015. Hike the Inca Trail. (Completed November 2008)

016. Swim at the Great Barrier Reef.

017. Swim in the Dead Sea. (Completed July 2006)

018. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

019. Get a tattoo. (Completed May 2009)

020. Go canopy sailing.

021. Swim in the ocean. Any ocean. (Completed July 2005)

022. See the Midnight Sun.

023. Ride the Amazon River.

024. Photograph the heads at Rapa Nui / Easter Island.

025. Meet the New Kids on the Block. (Completed October 2008)

026. Swim with dolphins.

027. Appear on TV. (Completed August 2001)

028. See the Monarch Butterfly migration.

029. Have my photograph taken at the corner of Logee Street and Jillson Avenue in Woonsocket, RI.

030. See the Treasury facade in Petra. Indy was there once! (Completed July 2006)

031. Win a race. (Completed June 2000)

032. Have a photograph published. (Completed October 2006)

033. Have a story published. (Completed October 2006)

034. Have research published. (Completed Spring 2007)

035. Hear the Dalai Lama speak in person. (Completed September 2009)

036. Have my own gallery showing. (Completed November 2013)

037. That that thing where you’re in a hamster ball and you walk on water in it.

038. Go to Vulcan, Alberta and geek out, Star Trek style. (Completed September 2009)

039. See the Northern Lights in their full glory, not just that slight bit I saw in the city once. (Completed February 2012)

040. Photograph Kolmanskop, Namibia.

042. Visit Allison in Costa Rica OR travel with her somewhere.

043. Attend a Comic Con… in costume!

044. Finish a project-365. (Completed December 2010)

045. Finish writing a non-fiction book, regardless of if it gets published or not.

046. Camp out in a museum overnight.

047. Run a 5km race.

14 Comments on “The Ever-Growing Life List

  1. I have ridden an elephant, though not a very animal friendly place. More so than some I imagine but I still felt bad for the elephant going round in circles with annoying kids on its back (me being one of them)

    & yes, you can hear the whales!

  2. You and I are doing number 5, ok? I don’t know when, but we are.

  3. Total sweetness beyond all belief! I made it onto your to-do list!!! I can’t wait for the visit/trip! I was telling the grade 12 and the grade 11s about you yesterday. It made me really miss you…

  4. OMG, really?! Only good things I hope!! I miss you like crazy. I did a photo with my prom dress the other day and it made me think of you. And then I had bubble tea and thought about you some more. I’m going through serious Allison withdrawal!

  5. Rapa Nui is fabulous…powerful peacefulness… and photo opportunities endless.
    Elephant ride is OK in Cambodia, but I felt sorry for elephants.
    I like your list; traveling is great, but in unconventional way …..

  6. I’ve ridden elephants a few times, some are better than others; didn’t come across a really sad one until my last 🙁

    So many elephants in SE Asia are badly mistreated, but it’s a tricky situation because they aren’t protected, so if let roam wild they usually end up eating crops and being killed. There are people working towards better treatment standards for domesticated elephants though, which is a good thing.

    So, ride some, people need to have an economic incentive to keep and treat elephants well (maybe pick a place known for good treatment). Then add this place to your list and go see (and feed, and help wash) some really happy elephants (it was so much better than any of the “riding” that I’ve done).

    Great list! Good luck knocking them all off!

    • They were a bunch of feature stories published in local newspapers. Nothing terribly interesting, but all non-fiction. I don’t think I’ve ever had any of my fiction published, but I’ve never really tried to. And I can’t remember for sure because I always seem to forget about things I’ve done until I open up my CV… 🙂

      • That’s super cool though, to have stories published! I wish Easter Island were on the way somewhere, but I guess then it would lose some of its appeal. We need to figure out how to make that work 🙂

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