The Big Three-Zero.

It’s my 30th birthday!

I know turning 30 can be scary for some. I understand it. It signals an end to the carefree fun and excitement that often defines being a twentysomething. Entering into your 20’s generally gives you a sense of authenticity to your adulthood, the dreaded suffix of “-teen” finally ceases to define you.

The milestone of turning 30 is especially hard for women. We’re programmed by society that if you’re unmarried and haven’t had children yet, you’re going to die a dried up husk of a female. Pitiable and lonely with many, many cats.

As someone who has never heard a peep out of my ovaries, I’m not afraid to turn 30. I’m actually rather excited. I’m excited every time I have a birthday, because it means I’ve made it through one more year on this crazy planet, but I’m especially excited for 30.

Life has just gotten better and better as my 20’s draw to a close. Everything about life has just gotten easier. Everything is easier to learn because I’ve had so much practice at learning to this point. I’m better at languages, math, and science is one of my favourite things (not that it hasn’t always been one of my favourite things, it’s just that new concepts are easier to understand).

Probably one of the most exciting things about turning 30 is that I won’t be in my 20’s anymore. It’s not that they haven’t been fun and the best decade of life so far, but being in one’s 30’s comes with a certain legitimacy. No one can second-guess me arbitrarily based on my age. Stereotypes abound of the foolish and incapable twentysomethings, but not so much for thirtysomethings.

Throughout many of my successes in life, the response has been, “But you’re so young!” I’ll be happy to leave that condescending statement behind.

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