Splash Pools, Rooftops, and Mystery Creams

My bug bites continue to be itchy as can be. I tried using hydrocortisone cream, but it wasn’t working so it was off to the local pharmacy. They gave me some cream that I’m not sure what it’s really made of, but it works pretty well. It’s not a complete cure, but its helps.

The weekend in Granada has been amazing. The hotel has an inner courtyard that is all trees and hammocks, with a little splash pool down the hallway. Doing laundry is a great way to pass the time, since it has a beautiful view of the city. Terracotta rooftops and cathedral steeples.

We spent most of the day lounging around – rumors that I fell asleep in one of the hammocks for three hours would be completely true. We’re heading into Masaya on the way out tomorrow. It’s an old market town, so I’m hoping for some nice and interesting souvenirs.


We took a boat ride on Lake Nicaragua this evening. It was beautiful and tranquil, but it made me miss rowing. The water was smooth and glass-like – the perfect rowing water.

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