Shopping for Housewares and Epic Baked Potatoes

Laura and I left in the evening of the 18th to make our way – fumbling – to Varna. Broken Bulgarian and several scares about being on the wrong bus later, we pulled up in the bus station in Varna and a short taxi ride away from my hotel and her soon-to-be-home.

Laura has done a very gutsy and respectable thing in my book… She’s moving here. A series of unfortunate events left her with nothing but wanderlust and an eye on a new life and having spent a few weeks in Bulgaria earlier this year, she decided volunteering for Balkan Heritage and finding her own path was the life for her.

Her apartment in Varna is incredible. The wrap-around terrace of her penthouse apartment has views of the city and the Black Sea.


I have absolutely no doubt the next year is going to be an incredible experience for her.

We’ve spent the last couple of days wandering around Varna – literally. On our first day out, we were trying to find a specific hardware store recommended to Laura by a friend of hers and after walking for hours, we actually found ourselves at the Grand Mall – a building that looks like it was inspired by Google.


It was a pretty ritzy place, as far as malls go, and I had the most artfully prepared baked potato I’ve ever eaten. The man behind the counter clearly took pride in his work and spared no detail in making my baked potato experience a pleasant one.


Tomorrow: more walking.

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