Riding the Wave of Confusion to Wake Up

Right. I’m trying to wrap my head around what day it is still, but at the very least, I know where I am.

I’ve made it to Bulgaria and am currently staying in a hotel in a little resort town by the beach. I have a balcony, but not a view. I can see other buildings, but that seems very meta to me somehow. Maybe I’m jetlagged.

“Throw a building off another building,” as my sister would say.

Once I woke up this morning, I realized the fog had cleared from my head a bit. I found my funds still dwindled from a taxi that cost way too much, but I have a desk full of fresh water bottles and a phone full of Hipstamatic images.


Bald eagle tears, as the Oatmeal has said.


The view from my comfy chair in the Dublin airport. I may or may not have watched a lot of Archer to stay awake.


Forever alone at Gate 416.


I expected more green emerald out of Ireland. Still pretty though.


I know this one is sunset. I think it was the only sunset I saw in two days though. I think. There should have been one over the Atlantic, but I don’t remember now.

And that brings me to Bulgaria. Where I just woke up, understandably disoriented, but much more refreshed and much less emotional. It wasn’t the easiest trip I’ve taken (though thankfully, much better than that time I had to be hospitalized in Jordan upon landing), but I can only hope that means it’ll be more rewarding.

‘Cause I’m a glass half-full kind of girl. Whee!!

And I may have the most supportive people waiting for me back home who have dealt with various whiney messages through WhatsApp and HeyTell. Thank goodness for iPhones and the Internet!

On the agenda for today: figure out where the nearest market is and buy some fruits and vegetables. After two days of eating nothing but chips and pecan cookies, my tummy feels all sorts of upset. I long for the day when they sell real food that’s safe for me to eat in airports.

Oh! I almost forgot. When I went to go to bed last night, I peeled back the covers to find this:


Yeah, you’re seeing that right. The center of the sheets has been cut out to expose the flannel blanket below. I sent the above picture to Stephen for assistance in deducing what happened here, but neither one of us was really able to figure it out. I was thinking maybe it was an effort to avoid buying new fitted sheets when the centres wore out, but there has to be a more fun answer.

Liiiiike… People prefer the feeling of flannel under their bums?

Yes. We’ll go with that one.

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  1. Lmfao.. Somehow this whole picture just caught me off gaurd, and seemed a little dirty. “What are people doing in these beds that could possibly wear out the sheets” Lol .. Sorry. HAD to.

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