Thor & Mjolnir


Petra & Little Petra

It’s probably my last time visiting Petra. It’s not just because this may be the last year we dig at Umayri in Jordan, but also, after three times visiting Petra, I’ve pretty much seen everything I wanted to see.

This leads to an interesting dynamic with my SLR. It largely spent the weekend in my backpack. My iPhone was where it was at. I had photographed all these monuments before with various cameras and I have so many photos of Petra. Read More

I Need About Three Fitty.

My wonderful sunglasses from the 2005 Canada Summer Games swag package finally bit it the other morning. I went to put them on and they completely snapped in half. It was really sad because they were the greatest colour.

There was some opportunity within this tragedy though: buying badass, ridiculous Jordanian sunglasses. Read More

Shisha & Coffee

The one thing about living with 30 other people is that you’re living with 30 other people. 28 too many sometimes.

So this evening, Stephen and I went out for a walk around the Suq and then shisha at a rooftop patio near the King Hussein Mosque. It was such a gorgeous night and so nice to have some peace & quiet (as much peace & quiet Jordan can afford to give someone, that is). Read More

Beginning of ‘Umayri 2012

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind getting here – with emotions ranging from low to high. It’s been hard to think about how Saxon won’t be there when I get home, but there is a lot going on here to keep me preoccupied, so for now, I seem to be getting by fine.

The flights were okay, but I definitely couldn’t sleep on them for some reason. In the first week of being in Jordan, I didn’t get a full night’s sleep until Friday night, after a day of digging. It was all 3-hour bursts before that and I’m so glad that seems to be over. Read More

Beautiful Saxon

I love my dogs as much as I love the most important people in my world. I would have trouble choosing between one of my dogs and the people closest to me. That isn’t a slight to those people I love, it’s just a testament to how much I love my dogs.

Earlier this week, Saxon was diagnosed with lymphoma. The ultrasound pictures were jarring and tragic, disgusting and heartbreaking. Several years ago, we lost our last dog to lymphoma. It feels like cruel deja vu to have to go through this again. Read More

Almost Topical

It’s less than a month away until I’ll be getting on a plane to go back to Jordan. I can’t say I pack this way, but I think it’s been tempting for everyone. There’s always that thing you think you might need and what if that very situation comes up and you don’t have that thing and oh god if only you had brought it?!?!

Geek history was made and I was there.

A couple of weeks ago, geek history unfolded before me. For the first time in 25 years, the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation was gathered at the same place. If you recall, when this was announced, I was pretty excited. And yes, the day lived up to everything it was supposed to be.

It was a mess trying to get in. It was a mad cattle drive through the Stampede Corral (now that I think about it, given the name, this was quite appropriate), and then a dash through the vendor area, and finally, I was in the autograph area. Read More

Dreams really do come true!

Or they might be about to.

I point you in the direction of this page. Go on. Click. And then come back. I’ll wait.


I swear to you. Once this year’s Comic Expo is complete, I can die a happy girl.

I have loved this man since I was a little girl. I don’t know what I’m going to say to him. A friend posted this on my Facebook page and I’m worried this will happen to me:

I mean, really, what do you say? Here is someone who crafted a character that shaped a good part of the way I approach things in life. Captain Picard had a sense of honour, appreciation for using one’s brain, being resourceful and abiding by a strong moral compass. These are things I wanted to emulate (and definitely found attractive – not going to lie!).

What do you say??

Full Couches to Empty Houses

000000320003Olivia is the world traveller I aspire to be. I met her last year in Jordan, while we were both happily toiling on the top of Tell ‘Umayri.

We were friends while working on the dig, had good conversations, but really didn’t get to know each other until we each got home and found much comfort and laughter in several Skype calls a week.

She’s one of my favourite people in the world. Read More