The Titan Trek

My friends, I have devised a new definition of pain and sorrow in the name of sport and fitness. If you’re interested in attempting it yourself, please hurry to the Reservoir before the water comes back in.

Introducing The Titan Trek. Read More

It’s Official – Nicaragua!

Last Friday, I met with one of my archaeology professors for lunch to talk about his project in Nicaragua. There’s a small site he’s been working on down there and he usually takes a mix of graduate and undergraduate students down there for digging & finds processing.

A few weeks ago, I submitted one of my last ceramic analysis lab reports for his classes. The subject was on cataloguing and documenting ceramic decorations. Since I photograph everything and am not terribly good at drawing, I decided to photograph the samples I had for part of the report. Read More

Quebec & Passport Applications

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she has to apply for her very own passport. I’ve never left the confines of the Canadian border before, but with talk about some travel with friends in the future, it’s time!

The passport application process seems pretty straightforward, provide a few pieces of ID, sign a couple of forms, and boom, you’re done. The tricky part has to do with my birth certificate, though. Read More

Racing in Nelson, BC

After the months of training, learning how to row, it was time.

Though I’ve only trained in the 8+, Milan originally had me scheduled to race the Junior Women’s 4-, too. I would have liked to race the 4-, but didn’t end up getting the chance to because of some rule that said juniors couldn’t do two races in the span of an hour. Read More

Daniel’s Wedding

I had hoped I’d be okay with flying. I was not. Sickness overtook my stomach, made worse by two brats kicking and knocking the back of my seat.

It all faded away when I stepped through Arrivals and saw the my Uncle Wayne and Shaun’s faces. No one knew I was coming to Montreal, except for my godfamily. I felt all sneaky and couldn’t wait to surprise everyone else. Read More