Conference presentations…

This week has been all about preparing for the 2005 Chacmool Archaeological Conference. It’s been pretty crazy trying to get the presentation written, since I have had two midterms and a bunch of assignments due this week. I managed to finish the PowerPoint and conclusion of my paper Friday morning.

Which was about two hours before I had to leave to present. Read More

Loss & Research

Life has been hard since Regatta passed away. I’m doing everything I can to keep busy, but it’s not the same when I come home and she’s not there excited to greet me. The house feels desolately quiet.

I want to feel whole again, but the best I can do is to throw myself into school. Read More

Passed away in the night…

Regatta “Monkey” Logee
June 10th 2000 – September 13 2005

May her afterlife be filled with dentabones, stuffed animals shaped like cats and bears, and long pools of sunlight on the carpeting.

My Baby Gatta

I brought Regatta back to the vet today, hoping the swelling I was seeing was just an infection and that the diagnosis of leukaemia was wrong. I was told the swelling was due to clotting in her lymph nodes. Her red blood cell count had dropped to 15, and once it reaches 12, she’ll be at a critical stage where her organs start shutting down.

The vet says she will reach that stage by the weekend, considering she’s dropped four points since yesterday.

I love her so much and this is the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I would give anything for a cure, but regard less of what I do, the outcome isn’t good. She’s only five years old. This isn’t supposed to happen to young dogs.

I found her in the woods when she was the tiniest of pups. She fit in my hand and when I gave her her first meal, she gorged herself and and went right to sleep. Her belly was so full, she doubled in size. Regatta is the only dog I have ever met who likes to sleep on her back. She has the softest, silkiest and best-smelling fur ever. She has a strangely flexible neck that allows her to turn it right onto her back. She’s the best to walk because she always sticks close.

She growls like nothing else because she’s half-wild.

Love and Leukaemia

I’ve had a bad feeling for the last few days about Regatta. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but something wasn’t right. It was the way she moved, or didn’t move. Playing doesn’t interest her much anymore. She just wants to sleep and be left alone.

We took her to the vet on Friday for some x-rays and blood tests. At first, the vet seemed to think she was just anemic, but a detailed blood analysis found that her white blood cell count was 120, where the normal range is 15. Read More

I’m home!

The alarm went off at 5am this morning and I made the long trek to the Managua Airport. I lie, the trek wasn’t long, it’s just across the street!

I stood in line for awhile, but eventually made it on my flight and on to Houston. I got waved through security without much scrutiny. Not that I warranted any, but for all the hype about making sure everyone gets checked, they didn’t pay much attention to me or my bags. I can’t even recall any agents looking me in the eye. Read More

On My Way Home

We made the long trek up to Managua from Rivas this evening. The distance isn’t huge, but the bad roads make feel much longer, especially when you’re riding in the back of a truck bed. The wind was whipping past us, extra humid, pummelling my hair into a matted mess, but when in Rome!

Pretty much everyone here owns trucks. Other vehicle types seem impractical. Not only can you haul everything you could possibly want, but there usually tends to be more people than available seats. And you can fit an immense number of people in an open truck bed. Read More

Splash Pools, Rooftops, and Mystery Creams

My bug bites continue to be itchy as can be. I tried using hydrocortisone cream, but it wasn’t working so it was off to the local pharmacy. They gave me some cream that I’m not sure what it’s really made of, but it works pretty well. It’s not a complete cure, but its helps.

The weekend in Granada has been amazing. The hotel has an inner courtyard that is all trees and hammocks, with a little splash pool down the hallway. Doing laundry is a great way to pass the time, since it has a beautiful view of the city. Terracotta rooftops and cathedral steeples. Read More

Kicking and Screaming

Yesterday morning was UNPLEASANT. I woke up, uncomfortable and itchy. My back was covered in bug bites. Completely covered. Somewhere along the way, my bed had become infested with bed bugs and I am not one screaming ball of itchiness.

The other day, we went to San Juan del Sur for a beach day. We swam and body boarded and just enjoyed the warm sun. I am also currently undefeated at Scrabble. That is not very interesting, but I just felt like bragging. Read More

Arriving in Nicaragua

I’m in Nicaragua. I made it here alive, despite how I felt on the plane ride.

I can’t get over how beautiful it is here. Descending into Managua was incredible. The city looked like it went on forever, a never-ending expanse of gold and silver streetlights. Read More