On My Way Home

We made the long trek up to Managua from Rivas this evening. The distance isn’t huge, but the bad roads make feel much longer, especially when you’re riding in the back of a truck bed. The wind was whipping past us, extra humid, pummelling my hair into a matted mess, but when in Rome!

Pretty much everyone here owns trucks. Other vehicle types seem impractical. Not only can you haul everything you could possibly want, but there usually tends to be more people than available seats. And you can fit an immense number of people in an open truck bed.

The only thing holding you in the box is a small rail at the edges of the truck bed. Kendra and I were thinking it was a lot like riding a horse. Go with it and you’ll be fine.

My flight leaves for Texas tomorrow. I’ll be arriving in Houston with a five hour layover before I make my flight back to Calgary. It feels really strange to think that I will be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow. A bed that isn’t covered in a mosquito net, is bug-free, and not rooster adjacent.

Things I have loved about Nicaragua:

Everyone here has been so happy and friendly. My skin has loved the humidity. Working all day with ancient artifacts has been a dream come true. The beaches and bars make for the best relaxation. I played with a monkey and made friends with all the wild dogs.

Things that I will enjoy coming home to:

My gigantic bed and it’s temperature controlled room. Hot water in the shower. Mildew-free clothing. Crispy food that stays crispy. Playing with my dog, Gatta, who in protest of me being away, pooped on the living room floor. Rowing and my boat. An abundance of salt shakers.