Oh happy day! My sister has her BFA!

Let me begin by telling you the story of the ring I wear on my right hand…

Way back in the day when my sister Erinn started her art degree, she made a ring for one of her classes. I wear the softest, silkiest, and most perfectly fitting ring going because she did the whole thing by hand. She didn’t know they had machines.

And that has been the story of my sister’s academic career. Every thing she has tried, she has poured herself into, determined to do her best, even if it meant her fingers were bleeding from sanding down a ring band by hand. Through it all, Erinn was meant to go to art school and make beautiful things. And that one deformed glass chicken that I really wish she would give to me.

Erinn going to art school led to us helping her a lot with her homework, because anything short of perfection wasn’t acceptable to her. This was sometimes frustrating, but seeing her cross the stage today, I was more excited for her to cross than I had been at my own graduation. The work that she created and put in to her degree is nothing short of wondrous. Especially the deformed glass chicken.

So, I just want to say, YAY ERINN!! Congratulations on the last four years and graduating with distinction!

P.S: Erinn, give me that damn chicken already!!

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