Unfortunately for the fashionista in me (she’s there, I swear, but just doesn’t get out to play much), the Dolce & Gabbana sale was quite disappointing. The stuff they had out was either horribly out-of-season, damaged, or just plain tacky (which is why they needed a sale to get rid of it).

We got there just before 1 pm to find a rather long line. It wasn’t quite the lineup I had imagined, but came close. Thankfully, it moved very quickly as people scrambled to get inside and get their shop on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was an interesting experience to be a part of a sample sale, but it wasn’t at all like it is when depicted on TV. In the fictional world, women clamor and beat each other over dirt-cheap designer outfits prompting security to run away. This was very tame, although still slightly frantic on the part of some women, so I and my camera were rather disappointed to see a distinct lack of vain bloodshed.

However, not long after our brief shopping trip, it was time to get ready for the main event of this trip: the concert!

The evening began with a short photo session with the guys. Everyone was broken into groups of about eight and ushered into a curtained area to have a meet & greet with the guys for two minutes before posing for a photograph. I will say this (and I would think that it won’t come as a shock to anyone), I am not one to fawn over celebrities. I find the whole thing of going wild with excitement and shaking with anticipation and being unable to utter anything but a high-pitched squeal decidedly embarrassing. So, needless to say, I just returned their hugs and polite greetings while the other girls in my group (Candace excluded) went wild, shook, and squealed. Did I mention that some of them were crying? I didn’t? Well, they were.

I’m not at all saying that it wasn’t amazing to meet them. It will be something I remember for the rest of my life, but I think I would be doing some of the great things that have happened to me a disservice if I said it was a “defining moment.”

But still. It was amazing!

Following that, it was time to take our seats that were oh-so-close to the front row. We had to sit through Lady Gaga and Natasha Beddingfield before the lights dimmed, the black curtain fell, and NKOTB took the stage. It was just fantastic.


They brought back the well-choreographed routines, a shirtless Jordan, and many, many old favourite songs. I can’t describe really how good it was. I would see that show ten more times if it were feasible. Not even kidding.


_MG_1444With sore feet and wide smiles, we took the subway back to the hostel. Thanks to the thudding music one level below my dorm bed, I dreamed I was still at the concert.

Before heading back to the good ol’ YYC, I dragged Candace through the rain to the American Museum of Natural History for a quick jaunt around the exhibits. The archaeologist in me just can’t get enough of museums and antiquities. I believe the following conversation took place while on the second floor:

Me: I wish I could take all of these things home with me.
Candace: But what would you do with it all?
Me: *pause* I’d probably put them in cases in my house and charge people good money to see them.

We headed back to the hostel, I got my bag, and was off to the airport to come home. The trip wasn’t nearly long enough to see all the things I had wanted to, but, I’m sure I’ll find myself out that way again at some point.

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