Except for several new condominiums and some demolished buildings, Montreal hasn’t changed in the least from when I called this place my home. It has been a lot of fun though, good times visiting my beloved god-family, rooting through my grandmother’s basement, and recalling the old days.

It’s funny when you’ve been away from such a place for so long. I had forgotten all my old words, like ‘depanneur.’ It was a word we must have said at least once a day, used to describe all corner-store-like places, such as Mac’s, Perettes, Couche-Tard, Boni-Soir, and 7-11. I had completely forgotten it until my god-father said it, and it took me a second to know what he meant. It was so bizarre when I realized that it used to be such a common word in my vocabulary, and in a matter of 7 years, had been completely obliterated.

I’m also remembering how to speak French and the words come and go. My god-sister, Jess, is hilarious. Here’s an example of one of her sentences: ‘Could you open la porte, si-vous-plait? I have my mains full and I don’t want to drop mes boites.’ She will honestly just go back and forth without missing a breath.

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