Luggage Freedom and Rickety Transport

I would have thought not having luggage for a whole trip would have really gotten me down. At first, that’s exactly how it seems. The idea of going days on end with only the clothes on your back and what you can pick up along the way, and it sounds just awful. I’m so used to having fresh clothes to put on every day.

But for some reason, I’m taking this no-luggage thing as a challenge and am actually finding it kind of fun. It’s been freeing not to have to worry about misplacing something or carrying a heavy bag from one town to the next. It’s just me, my clothes, and my (admittedly huge) camera bag.

Since my last post, I have left Cancun for Merida. Along the way, we stopped at Chichen Itza and although it was incredibly busy, I’ll never stop enjoying the feeling of seeing ruins in person, instead of as images in various textbooks.


We had a guide take us around the site, and though he was really good and knew the subject matter well, I kept wandering off. Guided tours aren’t really for me, though I doubt that surprises anyone.

I prefer to wander and explore rather than have things presented to me. This doesn’t bother me though, since that was the whole point of taking a tour this time out. If I didn’t like it, it would really mean I needed to organize my own adventures from now on.


There are times were I see the ability to take a tour coming in handy. Certainly, there are parts of the world where I’d feel under-equipped to design my own adventure, or there are times like this, where I’m just trying to fit something in between semesters.

_MG_5568I digress… Back to Chichen Itza. As usual, the pyramid at Chichen Itza was much more massive than I thought it would be. The wind was really strong that day and as it blew, it gave the structure a really forbidding presence.

Of course, there were lots of other interesting ruins to explore at Chichen Itza, it isn’t all about the pyramid! I think my favourite spot ended up being the Temple of The Warriors. It had that classic ruins feel, with the stained stones and symmetry.

Of course, the skulls were my favourite carvings.

New Years Eve was an interesting day. The first part of the day was spent heading out to the Cenotes. They’re these giant limestone caverns / sinkholes underground with the purest and most fresh water I’ve ever seen. It was so clean that it was actually harder to tread water than anywhere else I’ve ever been before.

I think the most interesting part about the Cenotes would be the method of transportation to get there. Small, rickety mining rail tracks and then put a boxy, rickety cart on top of it, and then have it be pulled down those rickety tracks by an equally rickety and worse-for-wear donkey.

The party on New Year’s Eve was a bit of a bust for me because the restaurant kept screwing up my order. I’d order something without gluten in it and it would show up with croutons. I send that back and get a new order that has bits of flour tortilla on it. I send that back. HOURS later I finally get a main course and it’s cold and probably the most disgusting thing I’ve eaten.

Otherwise, we had a good time. The music at the restaurant was good, the company was good too, and we all had some good laughs.

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