Live Long and Derelict.

Earlier this week, my friend Stephen and I had a couple of photo adventures.

The first stop was a late-night excursion into Kananaskis to do some astral photography. I’m pretty pleased with how the photos turned out this time, since the last few times I’ve tried, they’ve been mediocre at best.

The night was working in our favour though, being an unbelievably clear night for an end-of-summer day. The sky was full of stars and the Milky Way was just torn through the sky, from horizon to horizon. It was very zen.


The next day though, I managed to cross another task of my list of things to do in life: Geek out in Vulcan.

For those of you who are unaware of this, I am a Star Trek fan. I wouldn’t go so far to say that I’m a Trekkie, but I certainly have my devotion to the franchise, despite the fact that I usually hate most things Sci-fi.

We stopped off at the museum for a quick look through all the nerdy memorabilia before taking some photos of the supremely-awesome Enterprise replica hanging out on the edge of town. It’s not as big as I thought it would be, but it’s just great enough that I’ve decided should I ever be filthy rich, I’m getting my own.

I may or may not have come home with a pin shaped like the com badges worn by Starfleet officers and I may or may not have worn it all day.

After indulging my need for geekery, Steve and I headed just out of Vulcan to shoot an abandoned RCAF airbase. I think my devotion to abandoned buildings and ruins comes from my need to imagine what it all looked like when it was in use. In this case, before kids came by and launched rocks into the glass windows or owls made their roost in the rafters.

It was eerie and beautiful and dirty all at once.

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