Kicking and Screaming

Yesterday morning was UNPLEASANT. I woke up, uncomfortable and itchy. My back was covered in bug bites. Completely covered. Somewhere along the way, my bed had become infested with bed bugs and I am not one screaming ball of itchiness.

The other day, we went to San Juan del Sur for a beach day. We swam and body boarded and just enjoyed the warm sun. I am also currently undefeated at Scrabble. That is not very interesting, but I just felt like bragging.

Our last day in the field has come and gone, which means that every day since has been a lab day for me. I sit there with my camera and the never-ending parade of artifacts: lithic, sherds, bone, and miscellany. I’m really enjoying it, though. I get to spend my time with the artifacts and no one can take them away from me until I’m done!

I’ve been doing anything and everything to distract myself from how itchy I am. I’ve managed to get through 2000 of 6000 artifact photographs, which is quite the feat. Work is good though, but I do need to take more breaks. Staring at the screen leads to one fantastic headache.

Plans for this weekend are to head to Granada for an overnight trip and then hit up the market town of Massaya on the way back to the CIVITE on Sunday.

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