Hot Air Ballooning!

The alarm went off at 4:20am. Nothing new for me, but I do believe I sprang out of bed because today was the day I got to go hot air ballooning.

Floating up in the air is an odd thing, you don’t really feel it. It’s just a realization of, “Oh, the ground just got further away.” But it was so beautiful and peaceful.

There was this huge explosion of balloons out in the morning too. It’s clearly the favourite activity of people passing through Göreme, Cappadocia. It was an amazing sight.



2 Comments on “Hot Air Ballooning!

  1. I was just going to ask about this. Great photos (as usual). Have you done the ground tour yet?

  2. We did the Red Valley this morning and went to view some of the fairy chimneys, but we haven’t done the whole thing. Tomorrow, we’re going to the White Valley.

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