Goodbye Emona Dirt Roads, Hello Sozopol Nights

We have driven down the treacherous 8km stretch of land – generally referred to as road around Emona – that connects Emona’s remoteness to the coast’s highway for the last time.

A quick album cover shoot and a send-off from the hostess of the local pub and we left for Sozopol, another coastal town along the Black Sea. It feels very bizarre to be somewhere where we see other people walking down the road instead of donkeys, cows, and wandering horses.




Our first evening in Sozopol, we wandered the streets, getting a feel for the new place and stopped by an antiques shop where I might have bought an old Zorki camera for the equivalent of $20. I count that as a win, yes?


The next day, we dropped off our work at the museum and said goodbye to the antiquities that had been giving us all such headaches. Though, I admittedly would love to do another one sometime soon. I think I’m a sucker for punishment.


The other night, I set up the tripod on the roof of our hotel and tried to capture the amazing night. The city was twinkling below, and the clouds were breezing around the moon and some stars above, all silver lit and perfect. Perfect, I tell you.

Otherwise, our nights were spent having a drink at a local bar, Bar Jack. I have had the best rum I’ve ever tasted. Even better than the Flor de CaƱa from Nicaragua. Aside from that, there was great music and amazing company, even though Nayden fell asleep at the bar.


It was sad to say goodbye to everyone (except Laura, who’s going my way – or maybe I’m going hers). I really like these people and I always wonder if I’ll ever get a chance to see them again.

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