Full Couches to Empty Houses

000000320003Olivia is the world traveller I aspire to be. I met her last year in Jordan, while we were both happily toiling on the top of Tell ‘Umayri.

We were friends while working on the dig, had good conversations, but really didn’t get to know each other until we each got home and found much comfort and laughter in several Skype calls a week.

She’s one of my favourite people in the world.

When the holidays came around, I invited her to come and spend some time visiting with me here in Canada. So, she got on the Greyhound.

Did I mention Olivia lives in Tennessee?

It took her three days on the bus. Three full days of the limbo only a bus trip can bring. Meeting some sketchy and some not-so-sketchy fellow Greyhound travellers.

For a week of life, she slept on my couch, ate my bizarre (but tasty – I swear!) cooking, and watched HGTV with me. We went for the best bubble tea the city has to offer (Vietwest!) and smoked shisha with good friends and a toy with an inexplicable desire to stare at me.

Last night, I brought Olivia back to the Greyhound station. In three more days, she’ll be back in her own house. I’m not going to lie, I got a little teary saying goodbye. I can only hope I see her again soon!

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