Eric & Money

We have a small piggy bank sitting on the counter in the kitchen. As you might expect, all of us dump the change from our pockets into it as we pass by and after awhile, it gets pretty full of all those nickels, pennies, and dimes. Luckily, I have a young niece and nephew to alleviate the difficulty of a full piggy bank once in awhile.

When they come over, if it’s decently full, they dump the contents into a Ziploc bag and take it home to divide equally between each other. This money is normally spent on whatever their hearts desire, be it sweets, books, or crafting supplies. Lately however, they have been promised a trip to Disneyland by their parents and the kids have devoted the money to their own savings for the trip.

My nephew, Eric, was over this morning and saw that some money had accumulated in the bank once more. As he’s opening up the piggy’s belly and withdrawing the coins, he struck up a conversation with me. Eric is four years-old and this conversation has not been edited for grammar on his part (or mine, because, you know, I speak perfectly):

“I only want money,” he said, pulling out the last few pennies from the bank.

“You and everyone else in North America,” I smartly replied, full-well knowing he has no idea what I’m talking about, but hoping that one day, my sense of humour will be hilarious to this kid.

“But not you,” he said, looking up at me, “What you want?”

“I want more than money. I want life. Life is awesome.”

“I like life, because without life you die,” he said.

“All the more reason to enjoy it and be happy when you have it, right?” I asked him with a smile. He looked up at me and loudly exclaimed, “YES!”

Is it wrong that the conversations I have with my four-year-old nephew are sometimes more intelligent and profound than the ones I have with adults?

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