Disgusting Skills

Since my last post, we have moved on from Arequipa. In order to do so, we took a night bus. Not my first choice considering the nasty things you hear about things going on on night buses, but we went with good company and in the end, everything was fine.

However, I was not feeling well the whole day before getting on the bus. Imagine my frustration when an hour after boarding, I’m incredibly sick. There’s nothing more claustrophobic than heaving into a plastic bag from your seat.

I got to Nazca in one piece though, after finally falling asleep on the bus sometime after 3 AM. We got there just after sunrise and then made our way to the Aerodome to catch an overflight of the Nazca lines for 9 AM.

That was the trouble though. After being sick all night, the thought of jumping on a plane that was going to bank left and right constantly was not appealing. However, neither was missing out on something I’ve dreamt of seeing for so many years. I wanted to see that damn hummingbird for myself. The astronaut, too.

So, I resolved to just do it, after all, it was only half an hour of flying. And that is why my Facebook status currently reads, “Jillian is the only person you know who can throw up and take pictures with her SLR at the same time.” That’s exactly what I did. I kept the bag pressed to my face with one hand and thanks to my 50mm prime lens, I kept shooting with my free hand holding my camera wedged between my cheek and the plane’s window.


The pictures turned out quite nicely, actually. I only missed one of the geoglyphs. This is a new talent that I didn’t know I had.

Enough about vomiting, though. After finishing the Nazca lines, my comrades let me sleep for an hour or so on a hotel sofa before hauling my ass to the bus station to make another few hour trip to Ica, a city on the south coast. We didn’t plan to stay there though, so we moved on to the oasis, Huacachina, right away.

I’m still not feeling so great today, so while the others sandboard and dune buggy their way round the surrounding sand dunes, I’m going to chill in this one-horse town until they get back and we can leave for Pisco. There are at least lots of dogs around to keep me entertained. Let’s play!

Hopefully my next entry won’t be quite so disgusting, though I admit to being oddly proud of my new-found talent.

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