Daniel’s Wedding

I had hoped I’d be okay with flying. I was not. Sickness overtook my stomach, made worse by two brats kicking and knocking the back of my seat.

It all faded away when I stepped through Arrivals and saw the my Uncle Wayne and Shaun’s faces. No one knew I was coming to Montreal, except for my godfamily. I felt all sneaky and couldn’t wait to surprise everyone else.

After some anticipation, Uncle Wayne brought me to my brother’s house for the pre-wedding party. The hallway was dark, I knocked on the door and even through the strong backlight from the window behind Daniel, I can see the most priceless look on his face. He let out a curse, which he self-corrected to, “Shoot!”

It wasn’t long until my sister, Erinn, arrived. I hid myself slightly behind Uncle Wayne so she couldn’t get a decent view of my face. She came in, looked directly at me, looked away, and then loudly exclaimed, “holy crap!” It was a legitimate double-take.

It was so much fun to be at the party and see everyone again. It feels weird to be back “home” but home is actually way off in another province now. A place where people mostly speak English and the trees are little stubs, more shrub than tree.

When the party had ended and I had some time with my brother, he handed me a copy of “Bryanna’s” ultrasound. At least, that’s my pick for her name. We’ll see how that turns out! It strange to think the little smudge on the printout will be a real human being someday, but I’m eager to see who she turns out to be. Which family member is she going to take after? Will she look more like Daniel or Christina or be a perfect mix of both?

The main event was the wedding, of course. I forgot to bring my extra film, so I spend the whole day worrying about which pictures would be worth the frame. I think I got all the important pictures and everything else will have to just be committed to memory.

Christina looked really pretty in her wedding dress. Her hair was the standout, elaborately piled on her head with little embellishments. As she walked down the aisle, Daniel’s face entirely changed. He had been woozy and white-faced before the ceremony started, but as Christina approached him, he lit up. They both looked so happy.

Getting to be there for these moments made this such a fantastic trip and the best gift my godparents have ever offered me.

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