Conference presentations…

This week has been all about preparing for the 2005 Chacmool Archaeological Conference. It’s been pretty crazy trying to get the presentation written, since I have had two midterms and a bunch of assignments due this week. I managed to finish the PowerPoint and conclusion of my paper Friday morning.

Which was about two hours before I had to leave to present.

My parents wanted to come see me present at my first conference. I did have to talk them out of bringing the video camera. They agreed to this condition, but I still hid the camera – just in case.

I think I did well when it was my turn to present. I may or may not have spoken really quickly, but I definitely limited the number of times I said “um,” so I feel that’s a pretty good start! I was terrified that once I was finished, being a novice at research and presenting, there would be someone in the room who would stand up and tear apart my work, citing things I hadn’t ever thought of or heard of. Thankfully, people just seemed interested in what I had done and where I was going with it. What a relief!

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