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I Made It

It’s been a tough few days. It’s hard to have been one of the last ones to leave Jordan, saying goodbye so many times to so many people I’ve fallen in love with. My roommates, my fieldmates, my… Read More


Taxi Driver: Where you want to go? Me: al-Muqabalayn, please. Taxi Driver: al-Muqabalayn?? Me: Yes, please. Taxi Driver: Why would you want to go there??? Our neighborhood has the best of reputations.

Adventures in Taxis

This evening, Erin, Russ, Sean, and I went down to wander the Suq and relax after a long day. On the way home, we hailed a taxi and had no idea what we’d be in for. Our driver… Read More

The City Tour & Weeding

I can safely say that I’m healthy now. I’m back to normal and and hoping it stays that way until the end of the trip. Shopping around here has been a lot of fun. I haven’t purchased much… Read More