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2014 in Planes

I’m getting excited for 2014. It’s been a long while since I’ve been on an adventure. Winters are always particularly hard on me. The lack of sunlight and cold temperatures tend to make me just want to hibernate…. Read More

Goodbye Nicaragua 2009

It’s taken me almost a week since being home from Nicaragua, but I’ve finally managed to sit down and write this post. Last Monday, I woke up at the crack of dawn to haul my tired and still… Read More


Unfortunately for the fashionista in me (she’s there, I swear, but just doesn’t get out to play much), the Dolce & Gabbana sale was quite disappointing. The stuff they had out was either horribly out-of-season, damaged, or just… Read More

High-Fashion and Camp-Value

Yesterday, Jenn took me shopping and wandering around Buffalo. We started at the Galleria Mall, which is just like any Canadian mall, except with one particular difference… This mall had a DSW. I’ve been an avid watcher of… Read More

SNL Royalty

The day began with Candace and I heading out for a walk around the neighbourhood. We were heading through a construction zone and when a man in a hardhat called out to us, “Whoa! I didn’t know the… Read More

Go Big Apple or Stay Home

A few months ago, my friend Candace and I found out that New Kids on the Block was reuniting and doing a North American tour. Our schedules didn’t work out for the Calgary dates, so we talked about… Read More

Wildflowers & Wind

Nicole and I made our way back from Montana today. The ride felt so, so long because it was ridiculously hot on the highway. Off in the distance, it looked like there were rain clouds on their way… Read More

In Bear Country

Yesterday morning, we set out on the remainder of our journey to Montana. We had some fun stopping along the way to take pictures of the wind turbines in Magrath, which are just much more massive up close… Read More

Land of Air-Shows and Orange Water

Nicole and I left Calgary earlier today for a few days in Montana. We’re taking a short vacation to see some sights, do some hikes, and take lots of photos. We made it to Lethbridge tonight, but because… Read More

Panic is Where the Poster is Not

Had you spoken to me last night at approximately midnight, I would have told you that I was a complete and utter failure as a student. It took approximately ten hours for me to realize this, but I… Read More