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Winter in Kananaskis

I’m not one for winter. I’m one for whining and moaning about how much I want winter to go away. However, I will admit that it’s rather pretty, especially in the mountains. So, yesterday afternoon, Steve and I… Read More

Pisco & Paracas

We left Huacachina shortly after Greg and Hillary got back from sandboarding. They were both incredibly filthy and Hillary complained about having biffed it pretty bad, but both were pretty happy to have done it. Our outdated copy… Read More

Disgusting Skills

Since my last post, we have moved on from Arequipa. In order to do so, we took a night bus. Not my first choice considering the nasty things you hear about things going on on night buses, but… Read More

Museum Hopping in Arequipa

I’ve spent the last few days visiting the handful of museums that Arequipa has to offer. Hillary and Greg left two days ago for the Colca Canyon, leaving me largely to my own devices. The canyon sounded interesting… Read More

Arequipa, the “White City”

Puno wasn’t one of my favourite places. There was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but it left me feeling like I was constantly ready to move on. Maybe we were just staying in the wrong… Read More

The Islands of Lake Titicaca

It was time for a boat ride. The other morning, we woke up early, packed an overnight bag, and took a small boat out to visit the islands of Lake Titicaca. Our first stop was to visit the… Read More

Onward to Puno

Following our brief stay in Aguas Calientes after the Inca Trail, we hopped on a train back to Ollantaytambo before catching a crazy taxi back to Cuzco. The taxi drove like a madman, weaving through the highways and… Read More

The Inca Trail

Look at it this way: it’s taken me several days following that trek to get up the energy to write about it. Below is the day-to-day breakdown of the Trail, followed by some recommendations should you ever think… Read More

The Sacred Valley

Not far from Cuzco lies the Sacred Valley. It’s a spot littered with beautiful archaeological sites. I’m amazed at how the ancient Incans managed to mason large stone blocks together so well. Massive boulders interlock perfectly with each… Read More

Exploring Lima and Heading to Cuzco

After landing in Lima, we decided to stay for a few days, just relaxing off the jetlag and catching the sites around town. We took some time to go down to Central Lima, taking the micro buses, which… Read More