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Traditional Bedouin Medicine

It was early in the morning, the light from the sun was just starting to crest over the hill. I was standing on some burlap bags, which had been carefully placed along the edges of the squares to… Read More

Thor & Mjolnir

I Need About Three Fitty.

My wonderful sunglasses from the 2005 Canada Summer Games swag package finally bit it the other morning. I went to put them on and they completely snapped in half. It was really sad because they were the greatest… Read More

Shisha & Coffee

The one thing about living with 30 other people is that you’re living with 30 other people. 28 too many sometimes. So this evening, Stephen and I went out for a walk around the Suq and then shisha… Read More

Beginning of ‘Umayri 2012

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind getting here – with emotions ranging from low to high. It’s been hard to think about how Saxon won’t be there when I get home, but there is a lot going… Read More

Jillian Town

As of today, the dig is over. You wouldn’t know it because of my lack of blog posts – and I’m sure more than a few of you thought I was dead – but I really did spend… Read More


Q: What do you call a short giraffe? A: A girhalf. Q: What do you call a short giraffe party? A: A girhalfla.


We have been picking up some favourite words to use here and there. The latest one to be added to our vocabulary is, “hafla,” which means, “party.” Stephanie, Rainbow, and I were sitting having tea with the ATC… Read More

What You Wish For

Alright, so the old saying may go, “Be careful what you wish for because it may come true,’ and but right now, I’m seeing it as, “Wish for what you want because it may come true.” What did… Read More


Taxi Driver: Where you want to go? Me: al-Muqabalayn, please. Taxi Driver: al-Muqabalayn?? Me: Yes, please. Taxi Driver: Why would you want to go there??? Our neighborhood has the best of reputations.