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Passed away in the night…

Regatta “Monkey” Logee June 10th 2000 – September 13 2005 May her afterlife be filled with dentabones, stuffed animals shaped like cats and bears, and long pools of sunlight on the carpeting.

My Baby Gatta

I brought Regatta back to the vet today, hoping the swelling I was seeing was just an infection and that the diagnosis of leukaemia was wrong. I was told the swelling was due to clotting in her lymph… Read More

Love and Leukaemia

I’ve had a bad feeling for the last few days about Regatta. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but something wasn’t right. It was the way she moved, or didn’t move. Playing doesn’t interest her… Read More

I’m home!

The alarm went off at 5am this morning and I made the long trek to the Managua Airport. I lie, the trek wasn’t long, it’s just across the street! I stood in line for awhile, but eventually made… Read More

The Titan Trek

My friends, I have devised a new definition of pain and sorrow in the name of sport and fitness. If you’re interested in attempting it yourself, please hurry to the Reservoir before the water comes back in. Introducing… Read More

It’s Official – Nicaragua!

Last Friday, I met with one of my archaeology professors for lunch to talk about his project in Nicaragua. There’s a small site he’s been working on down there and he usually takes a mix of graduate and… Read More

Quebec & Passport Applications

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she has to apply for her very own passport. I’ve never left the confines of the Canadian border before, but with talk about some travel with friends in the… Read More

Daniel’s Wedding

I had hoped I’d be okay with flying. I was not. Sickness overtook my stomach, made worse by two brats kicking and knocking the back of my seat. It all faded away when I stepped through Arrivals and… Read More