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Goodbye Emona Dirt Roads, Hello Sozopol Nights

We have driven down the treacherous 8km stretch of land – generally referred to as road around Emona – that connects Emona’s remoteness to the coast’s highway for the last time. A quick album cover shoot and a… Read More

A Padlock Kept Us Apart, but Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep Me Away

There’s a little monastery right near the cliffs of Emona. It’s old and lovely and was unfortunately locked. But I wanted to see the inside, so I put those monkey arms I was born with into good use… Read More

Just Sitting Under a Tree

I snapped that picture for you literally just a minute ago. Right this second, I’m enjoying a break from the conservation workshop to sit under a tree and trying to relax and just enjoy the air.

Riding the Wave of Confusion to Wake Up

Right. I’m trying to wrap my head around what day it is still, but at the very least, I know where I am. I’ve made it to Bulgaria and am currently staying in a hotel in a little… Read More

So Sleepy…

Bear with me, I’m a little out of it. My day started at an ungodly hour this morning, wherein my brother-in-law dropped my sleepy butt off at the airport to start my journey to Bulgaria.

Ian & Christine’s Wedding

It was a fantastic wedding, so much fun, and one of the best I’ve been to. I can’t wait to sit down and start editing all the photos. It was a gorgeous day in Banff and with the… Read More

O Canada! Girl, you are lookin’ fine!

Today, of course, is Canada Day. Though I’ve been itching to leave here for awhile, I still love my country. I was very lucky to be born here and the opportunities being a Canadian citizen has afforded me… Read More

Becoming BFFs with Jonathan Frakes (with special guest appearance by William Shatner)

My feet hurt and my back is tired from lugging around my camera, but what a day!! With my siblings, mother, and niece and nephew in tow, I made it down to the Calgary Expo for a little… Read More

Lofty Aspirations

This is all I can think about: I can’t help it. I see a plane in the sky and I’m immediately itchy – possessed by wanderlust. Whenever this time of year comes around, I feel like I’m supposed… Read More

The Wonder Awkward Years.

My day yesterday was a chain-reaction. It started with me feeling wanderlusty and contemplating what I could do for fun in the next few months. Which led me to look up my list of things to do in… Read More