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Bulgaria Photos!

You’ll see most of these photos again when I do my writeup on September’s camera over on my Logee Photography blog, but here are all of the non-iPhone photos I took while I was in Bulgaria. For those… Read More

The End of Solo Travel

As I’m about to leave Bulgaria and head back home, I have something to confess: I’m done with solo travel. It’s not that it hasn’t been fun or that I haven’t learned a lot from it, it’s just… Read More

Riding the Wave of Confusion to Wake Up

Right. I’m trying to wrap my head around what day it is still, but at the very least, I know where I am. I’ve made it to Bulgaria and am currently staying in a hotel in a little… Read More

Closet Music

We all have it. They’re those tracks you downloaded off some shady website. You had to download them. If you were caught buying them at a legit store or even if someone noticed them in your iTunes purchase… Read More

Let The Rabbit Tell Your Fortune

There are some things I come across while traveling that I know are a scam. Some are just so bizarre though, I can’t really pass them up. After all, it was the first – and potentially last –… Read More


Q: What do you call a short giraffe? A: A girhalf. Q: What do you call a short giraffe party? A: A girhalfla.

Don’t Fly United Airlines

In the wee hours of the morning, I woke up in a great mood and surprisingly free of my normal airplane anxiety. I figure this was because I was just so excited to get away from the chill… Read More


My square supervisor is an interesting old man. He’s crochety and strange and keeps telling me to toss things into the sift pile. It has me worried. I’ve been taught to hoard every scrap of artifact that comes… Read More

I’m home!

The alarm went off at 5am this morning and I made the long trek to the Managua Airport. I lie, the trek wasn’t long, it’s just across the street! I stood in line for awhile, but eventually made… Read More