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Learning the Cello

It’s been on my list for a very, very long time: to learn to play the cello. When I was little, I’d sit with classical music discs and a giant pair of headphones in front of the old… Read More

Closet Music

We all have it. They’re those tracks you downloaded off some shady website. You had to download them. If you were caught buying them at a legit store or even if someone noticed them in your iTunes purchase… Read More

Travelling Music – The Very Best Edition

I’ve managed to amass a hefty collection of travelling music. Usually, I do this by picking up a random burned cd in a souq or from some slightly shady looking guy with a giant backpack wandering the streets… Read More


Unfortunately for the fashionista in me (she’s there, I swear, but just doesn’t get out to play much), the Dolce & Gabbana sale was quite disappointing. The stuff they had out was either horribly out-of-season, damaged, or just… Read More