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Fear of Travel

As I sat on the bus heading downtown, something about the way the “Stop Requested” lights shone made me feel like I was somewhere else. Like I was travelling somewhere foreign. And I thought about how some people… Read More

Traditional Bedouin Medicine

It was early in the morning, the light from the sun was just starting to crest over the hill. I was standing on some burlap bags, which had been carefully placed along the edges of the squares to… Read More

Arabic Vocabulary

It’s useful for every archaeologist to know just a little arabic if they’re going to be working in a Middle Eastern country. Of course, the words you pick up sometimes don’t always have anything to do with archaeology…… Read More


Except for several new condominiums and some demolished buildings, Montreal hasn’t changed in the least from when I called this place my home. It has been a lot of fun though, good times visiting my beloved god-family, rooting… Read More

Arriving in Nicaragua

I’m in Nicaragua. I made it here alive, despite how I felt on the plane ride. I can’t get over how beautiful it is here. Descending into Managua was incredible. The city looked like it went on forever,… Read More