Category: Landscapes

Wild Horse Warm Springs

It’s a romantic idea: a hot spring, secluded and private in the mountains. There’s no one around, just you and the beautiful mountain views, all yours to take in while you soak in warm water and fresh mountain… Read More

Looking for Lille

In my quest to photograph as many ghost towns as I can find, I kept coming across notes about a little gem called Lille, Alberta. Things looked great for Lille when it was first established in 1901. Within… Read More

A Padlock Kept Us Apart, but Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep Me Away

There’s a little monastery right near the cliffs of Emona. It’s old and lovely and was unfortunately locked. But I wanted to see the inside, so I put those monkey arms I was born with into good use… Read More

Just Sitting Under a Tree

I snapped that picture for you literally just a minute ago. Right this second, I’m enjoying a break from the conservation workshop to sit under a tree and trying to relax and just enjoy the air.

Live Long and Derelict.

Earlier this week, my friend Stephen and I had a couple of photo adventures. The first stop was a late-night excursion into Kananaskis to do some astral photography. I’m pretty pleased with how the photos turned out this… Read More

San Juan del Sur

Life in San Juan del Sur is pretty sedate. There isn’t a whole lot to do here, beyond hang around and walk on the beach. I’m not complaining, since it’s been a nice break following living and working… Read More

Small Creatures, Small Brains

I am a frog, hopping along the jungle floor. From puddle to puddle, I leap, propelling myself ever further with powerful legs, gathering them up beside me before I push off. For a split-second each time, I fly…. Read More


Yesterday, I went on a little adventure with Darryl, a friend of mine from photojournalism school. She’s just moved back to Calgary after living in Nelson, BC for some time. When she was talking about moving back here,… Read More

Wildflowers & Wind

Nicole and I made our way back from Montana today. The ride felt so, so long because it was ridiculously hot on the highway. Off in the distance, it looked like there were rain clouds on their way… Read More

In Bear Country

Yesterday morning, we set out on the remainder of our journey to Montana. We had some fun stopping along the way to take pictures of the wind turbines in Magrath, which are just much more massive up close… Read More