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The Big Three-Zero.

It’s my 30th birthday! I know turning 30 can be scary for some. I understand it. It signals an end to the carefree fun and excitement that often defines being a twentysomething. Entering into your 20’s generally gives… Read More

Geek history was made and I was there.

A couple of weeks ago, geek history unfolded before me. For the first time in 25 years, the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation was gathered at the same place. If you recall, when this was… Read More

Dreams really do come true!

Or they might be about to. I point you in the direction of this page. Go on. Click. And then come back. I’ll wait. … … … … … … DID YOU READ IT?! Oh. My. God. Not… Read More

Ian & Christine’s Wedding

It was a fantastic wedding, so much fun, and one of the best I’ve been to. I can’t wait to sit down and start editing all the photos. It was a gorgeous day in Banff and with the… Read More

O Canada! Girl, you are lookin’ fine!

Today, of course, is Canada Day. Though I’ve been itching to leave here for awhile, I still love my country. I was very lucky to be born here and the opportunities being a Canadian citizen has afforded me… Read More

Becoming BFFs with Jonathan Frakes (with special guest appearance by William Shatner)

My feet hurt and my back is tired from lugging around my camera, but what a day!! With my siblings, mother, and niece and nephew in tow, I made it down to the Calgary Expo for a little… Read More

Oh happy day! My sister has her BFA!

Let me begin by telling you the story of the ring I wear on my right hand… Way back in the day when my sister Erinn started her art degree, she made a ring for one of her… Read More

Allison & David’s Wedding

In honour of the New Year Decade, I will tell you the story of how I met Allison and how amazing it was to be her photographer for her wedding yesterday.

Global Fest

Last week, I went with my friend Stephen to the see finale of the Global Fest fireworks displays. We met up with a couple of his friends and then after a bit of wandering around, we split off… Read More

Quarter Century.

I made it to 25. I’ve managed to make it to the quarter-century milestone. My birthday is a sacred day, held holy above all others. To some it might just be an ordinary day, but to others, it… Read More