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Goodbye, Pretty Bird.

When I was five, my parents brought home a new pet. It was a fluffy little lovebird with sharp chirps and an even sharper beak. She was the kind of bird you didn’t mess with, but kept gravitating… Read More

May the 4th be with you!

I figured this was the appropriate response:

Epic Walks.

I spent most of the morning photographing lithics. I finally got my hands on a new piece of glass after the least one mysteriously broke. I say mysteriously, but I have some theories about it being an inside… Read More

Eric & Money

We have a small piggy bank sitting on the counter in the kitchen. As you might expect, all of us dump the change from our pockets into it as we pass by and after awhile, it gets pretty… Read More

Quarter Century.

I made it to 25. I’ve managed to make it to the quarter-century milestone. My birthday is a sacred day, held holy above all others. To some it might just be an ordinary day, but to others, it… Read More

Run Jillian, Run.

Cardiovascular fitness aside, rowing was taking it’s toll on my knee. The left one. The weak one. The repetitive motion of catch, drive, finish, recovery was wearing away some of my knee’s defenses and causing it to develop… Read More

Six Long Years… Done!

As of yesterday, I am finally no longer a student. It’s been six whole years, one degree, one diploma and my formal post-secondary education is complete. At least for now. I have dreams of going and finishing my… Read More

Babies & Kittens

Jordanians are known for making people feel welcome in their country, in their homes. You hear about it, but it’s not until you’re actually here experiencing it that it really sinks in how important hospitality is to the… Read More

Floating & Eating

The Dead Sea is a great idea in theory. Relax in the warm sun and water, floating along without having to do anything to hold your head above water. In order to have that much buoyancy though, there… Read More

Ancient Connections, Artisans, and CNN

If I haven’t been clear about my progress on the dig, it’s because the square I’m working in began this season as cobbles, which we took out to find some dirt, followed by cobbles, followed by dirt. I’m… Read More