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Thor & Mjolnir

Beginning of ‘Umayri 2012

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind getting here – with emotions ranging from low to high. It’s been hard to think about how Saxon won’t be there when I get home, but there is a lot going… Read More


The bell went off to get the day started at 4:15 am, but I was already awake. There are some who share our rooms who have set alarms to wake themselves up even earlier so they can, “get… Read More

Of Ovens and Women

Several days ago, I came across a strange pattern in the earth layer I was excavating. It was oddly rectangular, seemingly degraded mudbrick surrounding on locus and being bordered by another. It looked like an oven to me,… Read More

Ancient Connections, Artisans, and CNN

If I haven’t been clear about my progress on the dig, it’s because the square I’m working in began this season as cobbles, which we took out to find some dirt, followed by cobbles, followed by dirt. I’m… Read More

Pregnant Cats, Princesses, and the Rose City

There is a filthy, pregnant cat that follows me around. I shoo her away all the time, but she keeps trying to make me love her. She must know that deep down inside, I’m really sad that she’s… Read More

Splash Pools, Rooftops, and Mystery Creams

My bug bites continue to be itchy as can be. I tried using hydrocortisone cream, but it wasn’t working so it was off to the local pharmacy. They gave me some cream that I’m not sure what it’s… Read More