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Do not praise selfish travelers.

The above screenshot was taken from this article over at Matador Network. The website regularly features travelogues, some international news, and various other travel-related posts. I’ve been following them for a few years now and once in awhile,… Read More

Goodbye Emona Dirt Roads, Hello Sozopol Nights

We have driven down the treacherous 8km stretch of land – generally referred to as road around Emona – that connects Emona’s remoteness to the coast’s highway for the last time. A quick album cover shoot and a… Read More

All the Jillian’s Hands to Put Him Back Together Again

Reconstructing ceramics is very zen. It makes me so happy, I’m contemplating spending my time in thrift shops to find ceramics I can take home, break, and put back together again. In any event, it would probably be… Read More