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Goodbye Emona Dirt Roads, Hello Sozopol Nights

We have driven down the treacherous 8km stretch of land – generally referred to as road around Emona – that connects Emona’s remoteness to the coast’s highway for the last time. A quick album cover shoot and a… Read More

All the Jillian’s Hands to Put Him Back Together Again

Reconstructing ceramics is very zen. It makes me so happy, I’m contemplating spending my time in thrift shops to find ceramics I can take home, break, and put back together again. In any event, it would probably be… Read More

What You Wish For

Alright, so the old saying may go, “Be careful what you wish for because it may come true,’ and but right now, I’m seeing it as, “Wish for what you want because it may come true.” What did… Read More

Epic Walks.

I spent most of the morning photographing lithics. I finally got my hands on a new piece of glass after the least one mysteriously broke. I say mysteriously, but I have some theories about it being an inside… Read More

Museum Hopping in Arequipa

I’ve spent the last few days visiting the handful of museums that Arequipa has to offer. Hillary and Greg left two days ago for the Colca Canyon, leaving me largely to my own devices. The canyon sounded interesting… Read More

Ancient Connections, Artisans, and CNN

If I haven’t been clear about my progress on the dig, it’s because the square I’m working in began this season as cobbles, which we took out to find some dirt, followed by cobbles, followed by dirt. I’m… Read More


My square supervisor is an interesting old man. He’s crochety and strange and keeps telling me to toss things into the sift pile. It has me worried. I’ve been taught to hoard every scrap of artifact that comes… Read More

Conference presentations…

This week has been all about preparing for the 2005 Chacmool Archaeological Conference. It’s been pretty crazy trying to get the presentation written, since I have had two midterms and a bunch of assignments due this week. I… Read More

Splash Pools, Rooftops, and Mystery Creams

My bug bites continue to be itchy as can be. I tried using hydrocortisone cream, but it wasn’t working so it was off to the local pharmacy. They gave me some cream that I’m not sure what it’s… Read More

Kicking and Screaming

Yesterday morning was UNPLEASANT. I woke up, uncomfortable and itchy. My back was covered in bug bites. Completely covered. Somewhere along the way, my bed had become infested with bed bugs and I am not one screaming ball… Read More