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Beautiful Saxon

I love my dogs as much as I love the most important people in my world. I would have trouble choosing between one of my dogs and the people closest to me. That isn’t a slight to those… Read More

Goodbye Emona Dirt Roads, Hello Sozopol Nights

We have driven down the treacherous 8km stretch of land – generally referred to as road around Emona – that connects Emona’s remoteness to the coast’s highway for the last time. A quick album cover shoot and a… Read More

A Padlock Kept Us Apart, but Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep Me Away

There’s a little monastery right near the cliffs of Emona. It’s old and lovely and was unfortunately locked. But I wanted to see the inside, so I put those monkey arms I was born with into good use… Read More

Let The Rabbit Tell Your Fortune

There are some things I come across while traveling that I know are a scam. Some are just so bizarre though, I can’t really pass them up. After all, it was the first – and potentially last –… Read More

The Death of a Hard Drive

Blog stats are a hell of an addition and my favourite part of them is the bit that tells you what people Googled to find your blog. One of the recent search terms: “The way crazy people view… Read More

Allison & David’s Wedding

In honour of the New Year Decade, I will tell you the story of how I met Allison and how amazing it was to be her photographer for her wedding yesterday.

Winter in Kananaskis

I’m not one for winter. I’m one for whining and moaning about how much I want winter to go away. However, I will admit that it’s rather pretty, especially in the mountains. So, yesterday afternoon, Steve and I… Read More

Goodbye Nicaragua 2009

It’s taken me almost a week since being home from Nicaragua, but I’ve finally managed to sit down and write this post. Last Monday, I woke up at the crack of dawn to haul my tired and still… Read More

Creatures, Everywhere

Yesterday, Jenn and I needed to take the bus up to Ostional to pull some rim sherds from last year’s artefact collection. I got on the bus first, since Jenn wanted to stop at the bakery, and managed… Read More

Born-Again Vegetarian

Warning to my Mom and others sensitive to animal things: Don’t read this post. You have been warned. Over a year ago, I was sitting at home when I got a phone call from my friend Erin. The… Read More