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Defining “Home”

Several weeks ago, I was at a market selling my photographs. I was talking with a woman from another table, and we were happy to find out that we both hailed from Montreal. “We’re practically neighbours!” she exclaimed…. Read More

Tonight, I Sleep With the Lights On.

Tonight, my friend Josef* sent me this:

Becoming BFFs with Jonathan Frakes (with special guest appearance by William Shatner)

My feet hurt and my back is tired from lugging around my camera, but what a day!! With my siblings, mother, and niece and nephew in tow, I made it down to the Calgary Expo for a little… Read More

Jillian Town

As of today, the dig is over. You wouldn’t know it because of my lack of blog posts – and I’m sure more than a few of you thought I was dead – but I really did spend… Read More


We have been picking up some favourite words to use here and there. The latest one to be added to our vocabulary is, “hafla,” which means, “party.” Stephanie, Rainbow, and I were sitting having tea with the ATC… Read More


Taxi Driver: Where you want to go? Me: al-Muqabalayn, please. Taxi Driver: al-Muqabalayn?? Me: Yes, please. Taxi Driver: Why would you want to go there??? Our neighborhood has the best of reputations.

Eric & Money

We have a small piggy bank sitting on the counter in the kitchen. As you might expect, all of us dump the change from our pockets into it as we pass by and after awhile, it gets pretty… Read More

Panic is Where the Poster is Not

Had you spoken to me last night at approximately midnight, I would have told you that I was a complete and utter failure as a student. It took approximately ten hours for me to realize this, but I… Read More

Of Ovens and Women

Several days ago, I came across a strange pattern in the earth layer I was excavating. It was oddly rectangular, seemingly degraded mudbrick surrounding on locus and being bordered by another. It looked like an oven to me,… Read More