Beginning of ‘Umayri 2012

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind getting here – with emotions ranging from low to high. It’s been hard to think about how Saxon won’t be there when I get home, but there is a lot going on here to keep me preoccupied, so for now, I seem to be getting by fine.

The flights were okay, but I definitely couldn’t sleep on them for some reason. In the first week of being in Jordan, I didn’t get a full night’s sleep until Friday night, after a day of digging. It was all 3-hour bursts before that and I’m so glad that seems to be over.


Jordan is as beautiful as always. It feels like coming home. I guess I’ve finally spent enough time here for that to be a legitimate feeling now. It’s been exciting getting to show Stephen one of my favourite places and I seriously cannot wait to show him Petra – my favouritest place of all.

Meanwhile, the call to prayer still goes off and echoes across the city. It’s one of the best things of being here. If the insane traffic, the loud weddings, and the sometimes intense heat weren’t enough to remind you you’re far away from Canada, the beautiful sounds of the call to prayer will.


Of course, there’s always the great food to also remind me I’m not at home. Mostly because I don’t have to cook it myself. Or do the dishes afterwards. After a slightly rocky start (the cook accidentally fed me flour in one of the meals), the cook has been amazing. If it weren’t for Stephen, I would probably beg this man to marry me. Do you see the dish above? It was just as delicious as it looks, if not more so. If there were some sitting in front of me right now, I would gladly toss my computer on the floor and chow down. I would bring new meaning to the phrase, “Ana sameena wa saiida,” (I am fat and happy).

Tomorrow we tour around the city together, taking in all the archaeology nearby: the Citadel, Temple of Herakles (Hercules), the Roman Amphitheater, and the never-ending suq.

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