Becoming BFFs with Jonathan Frakes (with special guest appearance by William Shatner)

My feet hurt and my back is tired from lugging around my camera, but what a day!!

With my siblings, mother, and niece and nephew in tow, I made it down to the Calgary Expo for a little geekery. All we had on our minds was: SHATNER.

Within minutes, I had my voucher for an autograph with the man who played Captain Kirk. KIRK! IMG4_5366w

But, just across from where I got my voucher, a certain ladies man was sitting, chumming it up with his audience. I couldn’t resist. I had money left over and I was spending it on a second autograph. One by Jonathan Frakes!

He posed for photos for me, making silly faces and then a nice one, just being a classy and fun guy. When it finally got to be my turn, he said, “Hi” to me for like the fifth time (he was very friendly with me while I was in line – I’m not going to lie, it’s awesome) and then he noticed my com badge:

Jonathan Frakes: How did you get to be captain so quickly?!
Me: Well, you know, I’m just *that* good.
JF: It took me 15 years to become captain!
Me: Wait, but you turned down the position… Twice. So it’s your own fault.
JF: It wasn’t my fault! I wanted to be captain! It was the writers!!!!
Me: Oh sure, blame the writers!


You guys, you guys, you guys… Jonathan Frakes – he’s awesome. I mean, yes, he’s Number One, but seriously, here is a nice person who obviously loves us Trekkies.

Of course, my day was far from over. After a gigantic line (and I am not exaggerating) and an hour-and-a-half wait… SHATNER!

Considering the number of people, there were rules: no photography (sad face!) and only one signature. Move it along, please. My mom and neice came along with me in the line. For my mom, it was meeting someone she grew up with (as I did, too), but for her, she got to see the Original Series as it came on TV. There were no reruns for her.

The look on my mom’s face when she walked up to the table with me was priceless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that look before. It was like… childhood glee.

And for me, it was Kirk! KIRK! Though I got to chat with Jonathan Frakes for awhile, my conversation with William Shatner was exactly like this:

William Shatner: Hi!
Me: Hi!!
WS: How are you?
Me: I’m good! How are you?
WS: Good!


So yes, nothing terribly spectacular, but I have now spoken to one of my favourite actors. I’m going to sit and relax now. Comic cons are amazing places. The geekery is outstanding and wonderful.

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  1. I’m definitely jealous you had a conversation with Johnathan Frakes!
    And a good one too, haha!

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