Babies & Kittens

0681 - DSCN0455Jordanians are known for making people feel welcome in their country, in their homes. You hear about it, but it’s not until you’re actually here experiencing it that it really sinks in how important hospitality is to the Jordanian culture.

Our forman, Abu Isa, invited myself and a few of my crewmates to his house to meet his son and wife recently. We were treated to a great meal with a large supply of various juices and drinks. There was water, orange soda, femented goat’s milk, mint tea, turkish coffee, and then finally a dessert drink of warmed goat’s milk and cardamom. I have never had so much to drink in my life, but how can you say no when half of it is concoctions you’ve never tried before?

We had a great time at Abu Isa’s house. It’s a lovely little home with a beautiful view and his wife & family were so nice. We even watched television together, not that we could understand much, but the news was on and it was interesting to have Abu Isa convey his thoughts on the latest political struggles. It would be great to speak more Arabic to have an in-depth conversation about Jordanian politics. Maybe someday!

0715 - IMG_4447

Though it’s not political news, I know you all have been eagerly waiting to hear about the pregnant cat. Well, she finally gave birth to five little kittens. While we were away on the dig this morning, she found a secure spot in the dorm and brought her little ones into the world.

I know you’re all holding your breath about my bed, but I can happily report she did not have her brood on my sheets. I’m fairly certain she would have, but considering my room is up a flight of stairs, she probably looked at the stairs and said, “Um. Here’s good.”

The kittens and their mother are currently residing under the staircase in the bottom floor of our dorm. We have been taking care of her by providing food since we feel we have to give them all a fighting chance in a country that considers dogs and cats unclean and unwelcome. Normally, I wouldn’t feed the wildlife (domesticated or not), but this is a special case and it seems more humane to do. They’ve been getting big fast, so we’re hoping that they’ll grow big and strong to live long, happy lives.

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