Arriving in Nicaragua

I’m in Nicaragua. I made it here alive, despite how I felt on the plane ride.

I can’t get over how beautiful it is here. Descending into Managua was incredible. The city looked like it went on forever, a never-ending expanse of gold and silver streetlights.

After arriving, I was off to coolest hotel – it’s a Best Western, but not like the ones we have in Canada. It’s all open plan with covered walkways, surrounded by gardens pushed into every available corner. There are tropical birds chirping, bats calling, and just generally relaxing.


After the first night in Managua, we drove to Rivas, a small town a little ways south, closer to the border with Costa Rica. We’re staying in a co-op called CIVITE. Not quite as relaxing as the Best Western, though. There is a rooster living outside my bedroom window. The idea that roosters only crow at the crack of dawn is a myth. It happens much, much earlier. The worst part is that people ere say you don’t get used to it.

Once we got settled in a bit, we spent some time joining in to label sherds and discuss the project. One of the lead researchers on this project, Larry, needs about 6000 sherds photographed, so I’m hoping to get started as soon as possible. That will take a long time!

I spent most of yesterday organizing artifacts and switched to reconstructing a burial urn in the afternoon. So much fun! It’s the most interesting puzzle I’ve ever done. Today, I got to head out to the dig site and hop into a square. My only experience with digging so far has been the sandbox in the archaeology lab. Yes, there’s a sandbox in the archaeology lab, but I swear its for science. Science!

Last night, we went to the beach and ran out into the Pacific Ocean. The water was so warm, and the tides kept pulling me back and forth. I’ve never felt something like that before and then I couldn’t help but think about how that water is connected to so many other places around the world. It got very zen. Don’t judge me.

I’m off to San Jorge for now, for a relaxing evening with the crew. And Coca-Cola from a bottle.

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