2014 in Planes

I’m getting excited for 2014. It’s been a long while since I’ve been on an adventure. Winters are always particularly hard on me. The lack of sunlight and cold temperatures tend to make me just want to hibernate. For the most part, that’s exactly what I do.

Being an even year, it means this summer I’ll be back in my second home – Jordan. I’m pretty excited about this season since one of my good friends from Edmonton is planning on coming with the team. I always enjoy showing new people are Jordan, but it will be extra special to do with Hillary.hillary

The last time we travelled together, we took a trip to Peru after she finished her undergraduate. It feels like it was so long ago, but we had such a great time. As with any trip, there were ups and downs, but that just made the experience richer. There’s nothing like travelling with the people who matter to you.

I’m looking forward to creating new memories with one of my favourite people.

Once I get home from Jordan, I’m in Canada for a week before Stephen and I take a week-long vacation to New York. I’m going to be tired from the dig, but the idea of wandering around New York City’s streets, parks, and museums with the person I love most in the world just seems fantastic. It will be one of those much-needed things.

All in all, there’s nowhere particularly new on my itinerary for this year, but knowing me, that could entirely change. Eventually, I’ll get back to working on scratching countries off my list, but that’s hard to do on even years. My commitment to the dig is very important to me and we’re moving on to an exciting part of the site, which hasn’t been excavated in earnest in years. There is the possibility of some great finds, all of which will be mine to photograph.

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  1. A new slave for the New Field H? Excellent news! And so excited you’re coming back into the field with us! I’m determined that we’re going to find the grand entry way to the settlement.

    • You and me both! I want to see it and we must be getting close to find it. I actually am not to sad about being on the slope this year, there’s a good chance for some great things! Though I will be worried about the heat down there…

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